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Insert vs Send Effects question - Gearslutz.

Jan 13, 2014 · Insert vs Send Effects question Hi i got a question I use Cubase 5 and i have certain chain of effects i like to use when recording vocals. Recently i made a template for myself where i inserted all the FX in i needed and used Sends to route them all to like 5 or 6 Vocal tracks. Typical insert effects include EQ, compressor, gate, phaser, flanger and chorus. By contrast, auxiliary effects make use of send and return busses and are added to the original signal. Auxiliary busses enable you to add the same effect to many tracks, with the effected sounds ending up blended with the originals in the stereo mix output. Inserts vs Effects Sends – Which to use for what Posted on November 15, 2007 by MusicTECH Posted in Mixing, Recording Many young engineers, and home recording enthusiasts, have never worked with an analog console before, and they only mixer they have ever used is that built into their DAW software of choice.

Send Effects: More Than Reverb & Delay.We've discussed the difference between inserts and send effects many times in these pages, but for the newbies, let's spell it out: an insert slot is typically used for processors that change the whole signal — things like compression, gating, limiting and EQ, which can alter the character. In this situation, you could use a reverb as an insert or as a send effect, and if you wanted the snare reverb to be processed along with the snare or the rest of a drum group, you'd route the snare reverb's return channel to a group/bus track along with the snare, or all of the drums. Insert.Insert line effects are placed in the signal path so that all the instrument’s sound passes through the effect. Line effects alter the entire signal of the instrument and don’t allow you to mix the amount of effect that you have with the original dry unaffected signal at the mixer.

You would normally set those up as send/return type of effects. In programs like Cubase, you add an FX channel, into which you “insert” the effects you want, then you use the effects sends on the regular audio or instrument tracks/channels, to buss parts of the signal to those effects. Oct 22, 2012 · Aux Bus Sends and ReturnsIf we look up the definition of Auxiliary we would find: Providing supplementary or additional help and support So we can use that definition to try and apply it to the audio world of Auxes. This means that an Aux Bus would be a sencondary source of the same signal. Mar 19, 2009 · To add to this.if you insert the same plugin across multiple tracks all in the same numerical insert, you can link them all by using groups. For example, if you insert an EQ across 8 tracks of BGV and group the inserts, you can enable a HPF and sweep the freq across all tracks at once without having to use an aux channel. In audio processing and sound reinforcement, an insert is an access point built into the mixing console, allowing the audio engineer to add external line level devices into the signal flow between the microphone preamplifier and the mix bus. Common usages include gating, compressing, equalizing and for reverb effects that are specific to that channel or group. 1. Apply effects to a channel or submix. Because an insert is both an input and an output, you can route the signal from the channel out to a reverb, compressor, limiter, etc., and then back into the channel. You might send the signal to a noise gate to automatically “turn off” a mic when it's not in use.

Buses, Auxes, Sends/Returns - Modern Mixing.

Q. Should I apply an effect to the whole mix, or use.

Jun 17, 2010 · Aux sends on the other hand can mix many signals into a single send so you can apply the effect to many channels. Usually, an insert would sound quite odd with reverb. But inserts are the way to go with outboard EQ, compressors, gates, delays for distant PA speakers, or anything where you just can't have the original signal hanging around. May 05, 2011 · Why Pre and Post Send Selection Matters.This one little button can affect the stage monitors, nursery speakers, hearing impairment equipment, and even your recording devices. Let's explore the functionality of this button so the right people and devices are getting the sounds they need. Pre and Post Sends are auxiliary sends. Apr 25, 2018 · Auxiliary Sends. You’ll use this section a lot. It’s where a copy of the inputted signal can be sent to various effect units outside the mixing board. For example, a guitar input might be sent through an aux send to a reverb unit, and the stereo output of the reverb unit returned back to the mixing desk into two other input channels, so you can combine the two signals together known as.

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